$US1600 Jama Fund Donation Delivered to Tunisia

Good news on our fundraiser for the Tunisian village of Jama!  You may remember that we visited Jama during our filming of the last episode of 'On Hannibal's Trail' when we explored where Hannibal fought his last battle.  Thanks to all your efforts we managed to raise US$1600 - thanks very much everyone -  which has now - finally! - been electronically transferred to the microfinance group Enda inter-arabe based in the capital Tunes.  A special thanks to our most generous donors - dad and mum / David and Anne aka Mr and Mrs Hamilcar Barca.  Michael, the head of Enda inter-Arabe says they still plan to use the money to renovate the local school in Jama - although unfortunately it is about half the target amount we were hoping for so efforts could be needed to find some matching funds.  Donations can still be sent via our website if you are interested. Michael says it has been a pretty unsettling time recently in Tunisia on account of the revolution - long live democracy in Tunisia! - and with excruciating temperatures and the month of Ramadan coming up nothing much is likely to happen right now, but soon they expect to have some news.   


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