Jama Charity Fund

We have started up a charity fund to help the village of Jama. This is possibly where Hannibal fought his last great battle against Scipio, known as the battle of Zama and it was where we ended our journey following Hannibal's Trail.

We are aiming to raise 3000 US dollars which will be used to improve living conditions in the village, possibly either the school building or the water supply.  We saw the current water system which was a well about 500 metres from the village which kids on donkeys would regularly go to to fill up from.

It was amazing to see 2000 year old Roman water works right next to this village which were more sophisticated than the village's current system.

Please have a look at http://woodbrothers.tv/page/Jama-Charity-Fund.aspx or click on the link on the right - Donate to find out more.


Sam, Danny and Ben

Danny walking in front of the Roman ruins at Zama /Jama. Behind these are rows of vast barrel vaulted Roman water cisterns.

Off to the well for water

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