• Training ride in Richmond Park

  • Therm-a-rest Neoair

    Jetlagged Sam thoroughly testing our new air beds.

  • Nothwave Expedition

    Our water proof riding/hiking shoe for the trip. Bad photo but they are actually very nice shoes.

  • Ortlieb panniers are here

    In a mammoth box.

  • Professor Dexter Hoyos

    I had lunch with Professor Dexter Hoyos yesterday at Sydney University. We discussed Hannibal's route over the alps. He knows by far the most about our topic of anyone we have talked to yet and was kind enough to look through our work and made many excellent suggestions. We will defintely be using him as our expert consultant!

  • Equipment has started arriving

    Our Garmin Edge 705 GPS units arrived today!

  • Training in Madrid

    Owing to two tyre blowouts, this final training sessionn in the mountains near Madrid turned into a nice lunch with some light reading.  Danny is in the town of Colmenar, a thirty minute train ride from Madrid and at the beginning of a cycle path that leads you into the mountains, towards the pretty town of Miraflores.

  • Granny

    Granny by the fountain at St. Mary's Convent telling anyone that walked past how big their bottom was.

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