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  • BBC Radio 4: In Our Time: Hannibal

    Melvyn Bragg's radio show has discussed Hannibal's war against Rome.  It's an interesting listen:

    There's a also a bibliography and some readable musings on MB's blog here:

  • BBC2 to air On Hannibal'sTrail!

    Great News! We've just heard from our Executive Producer Chris that at 830pm on January 20th 'On Hannibal's Trail' will start rebroadcasting in the UK on BBC2!

    Long Live Hannibal!

  • Professor Dexter Hoyos

    I had lunch with Professor Dexter Hoyos yesterday at Sydney University. We discussed Hannibal's route over the alps. He knows by far the most about our topic of anyone we have talked to yet and was kind enough to look through our work and made many excellent suggestions. We will defintely be using him as our expert consultant!