Wood Brothers: The Early Years

When there's a re-schedule on BBC2 that affects a program you love, you start by looking in obvious places for explanations.  When you can't find satisfactory answers there you might tear your hair out a bit and then write to our moderators on the site where you can also find college term papers for sale and get answers to all questions. During this period of personal reflection that followed the surprising interruption to the broadcast of the On Hannibal's Trail series, I've been looking into Wood Brothers' past for clues.  Did something happen a long time ago that pre-ordained a rocky road ahead?  This picture turned up in a box of photos dated 1981.  It was taken in the Spanish port of Marbella by Tom, a friend of our grandparents.  It really has nothing to do with Hannibal except it shares a Spanish location and brings back fond memories!














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    I have been watching on BBC 2 your epic journey and have just watched a small clip of 'Through the Alps' - but waiting for BBC2 to televise the full episode.
    I note you say that Hannibal could have possibly chosen three routes over the Alps. I wondered if you were aware of a legend in the Valais area of Switzerland. My Grandfather's name and my maiden name was Crettol. The family come from a small Alpine village called Mollens, near Crans Montana- just a few metres up from the Rhone valley town Sierre.
    As a child I was told our name derived from Crete and had come to Switzerland with Hannibal. I never gave it much thought until I had a beach holiday in Crete and was told that in the Museum in Heraklion, there are remains of ancient Elephants.
    The Crettol family I believe is regarded as one of the oldest families in Switzerland.
    Anyway, I have rambled on long enough and just wanted to share this information with you.

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    ...not a ramble at all Theresa! Thanks for sharing your surprising connections to Hannibal's campaign. It would be great to trace the thread of your Crettol family in Crete and see what turned up in the distant past...it sounds like you might have already done that? If anyone else has Hannibal family links or legends it would be great to hear them too? Thanks again Theresa.

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    Hi Danny sorry for delay in responding. Have had a busy week at work. I have never found the time to contact the Haraklion Museum, but would love to do so. Interesting piece of research. If you ever had the time to do it on my behalf I should be delighted!
    Best wishes Theresa

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