BBC Radio 4: In Our Time: Hannibal

Listeners were treated to a comprehensive overview of Hannibal's life, from his early military training to his pivotal role in the Second Punic War against Rome. The panel of experts shed light on Hannibal's innovative military strategies, such as his effective use of cavalry, elephants, and psychological warfare techniques. Through their thought-provoking discussions, they painted a vivid picture of Hannibal as a brilliant tactician and a master of adaptation in the face of formidable challenges.

One aspect that emerged from the program was the socio-political context in which Hannibal operated. The panelists delved into the complex dynamics between Carthage and Rome, exploring the long-standing rivalry and the consequences of Hannibal's audacious assaults on Roman territories. These insights shed light on the broader societal and political forces that shaped Hannibal's ambitions and strategies.

The episode of "In Our Time" on Hannibal left listeners eager to delve further into the subject matter, seeking to explore additional perspectives and deepen their knowledge. For those passionate about the intersections of history and sociology, the desire to understand the socio-cultural implications of Hannibal's campaigns is particularly strong. In such cases, individuals may consider engaging with scholarly resources, such as books, academic journals, and even opportunity to buy sociology papers from reputable sources, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the societal impact of Hannibal's military endeavors.

Melvyn Bragg's radio show has discussed Hannibal's war against Rome.  It's an interesting listen:

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