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  • Tonight on BBC2: Hannibal Double Header Grand Finale

    Tonight starting at 1120pm on BBC2 in the UK, it's the final two episodes of On Hannibal's Trail. The Alps were spectacular - but if you like Italian countryside, Roman ruins and wine contrasted with the colourful, chaotic Maghreb, you should enjoy 'Hannibal the Great' and 'Hannibal at the Gates'.  We were filming just before the Arab Spring so it's also a chance to … more >>

  • Tonight on BBC2: Crossing the Rhone & Over the Alps

    So we're back tonight on BBC2 at 1120pm in a double bill! Some of the best scenery and cycling sequences filmed by cameraman John Bretherton are in these two episodes of On Hannibal's Trail.  There's also a lot more story to tell about Hannibal's expedition once we get to the Rhone river, so there's also more history content in these episodes compared to the last two. In … more >>

  • Wood Brothers: The Early Years

    When there's a re-schedule on BBC2 that effects a program you love, you start by looking in obvious places for explanations.  When you can't find satisfactory answers there you might tear your hair out a bit and then start a long period of introspection. During this period of personal reflection that followed the surprising interruption to the broadcast of the On … more >>

  • BBC2 TV schedule

    BBC2 test card

    You will be disappointed/relieved to hear that there is no On Hannibal’s Trail this Friday night on BBC2. Thank you to all those people who got in touch and told us they couldn’t find the programme in the TV guide. We have since talked to the BBC and because this transmission of the series is a repeat and it was originally a BBC4 show it isn’t high on the … more >>

  • Hannibal, Us and Him

    Andreas Kluth, author of, Hannibal and Me: What History's Greatest Military Leader Can Teach Us About Success and Failure has written a fun post about On Hannibal's Trail at his blog:

    The idea of Andreas' book is that stories about lives like Hannibal's can offer … more >>

  • Behind the Scenes

    Hi everyone  - I just thought I'd take the chance to reply to comments we have had about On Hannibal's trail on twitter, facebook and on various blogs!Firstly thanks to everyone for comments - lots of very nice ones which are very encouraging to read!To answer a few of the questions which have arisen about scenes in the show so far -The punctures were a pain - schwalbe … more >>

  • Odd Beasts, Sam's Insights and Preview of Episode 2: 'Barca! Barca! Barca!'

    The first episode of On Hannibal's Trail that aired last Friday did okay we think.  We're not sure how to judge this, but 'Hitting the Road' was watched by more than 1 million people in the UK which is about four times the viewing figures we were getting on BBCFour when the show aired for the first time back in 2010.   You can read more about that here (if you … more >>

  • Barcelona

    Temple of Augustus, Barcelona

    In Episode 2 of On Hannibal's Trail we ride through Barcelona which just happens to be where I am right now. The city is famed for it's architecture (among other things) and one of the most unusual, and perhaps my favourite architectural feat here are the ruins of the Roman temple of Augustus that are inside a 19th Century block of flats. You walk down a dingy, urine soaked … more >>

  • Ride with Hannibal!

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    Ride and Seek Bike Tours logo

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I am back on the trail of Hannibal in 2012 and I hope that you will join me there!

    I have teamed up with an experienced bike guide, Dylan Reynolds, who has run tours in Europe for the last 12 years to create Ride and Seek Bike Tours. We will return to Hannibal's trail in September next year to ride from Barcelona to Rome hopefully with … more >>

  • Hannibal Quiz

    Hi everyone as Hannibal is premiering on BBC2 tonight at 8:30 pm the BBC History Magazine has a Hannibal quiz going - have a go it is actually pretty hard!

    Hannibal Quiz more >>