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  • Kelmscott School talk

    Thanks a lot to all the year 10 and 11 students at Kelmscott school who sat patiently through my Hannibal talk the other day! A very generous and forgiving audience.One of the best questions of the day was "what was the most peculiar thing that you came across on your trip?" I had to think quite hard as there were lots and perhaps tellingly the first thing that came to mind was … more >>

  • The Next Trail?

    Hi everyone,Hannibal is back on the BBC so this prompted us to start planning our next historical journey. We would love everyones input - we have a few ideas so have made a poll on our website...If you look on our homepage on the righthand side you will see the poll. Please vote and please feel free to send us any other ideas you think of!thanks,Sam     more >>

  • Hannibal Talk in San Francisco

    If you're free this Saturday and in San Francisco - just when you thought Wood Brothers might have had enough of Hannibal - one of us is giving a talk at the San Francisco Public Library.  'On Hannibal's Trail: Biking the Alps' starts at 1030am in the Latino/Hispanic Meeting Room B of the main library on 100 Larkin Street.  Come along! Thanks to … more >>

  • Episode 5 - Hannibal the Great

    Tonight's episode of On Hannibal's Trail deals with a moment in history when the fate of the world hung on a knife edge. In 'Hannibal the Great' at 830pm on BBCFour we follow the Carthaginian commander around Italy and re-enact his big victories against the Romans. As we cycle away from the battlefield of Cannae, we ask; why didn't Hannibal march on Rome after this massive … more >>

  • Episode 4 - Over the Alps

    Probably the most famous part of Hannibal’s invasion march to Italy was his crossing of the Alps. Getting a huge army and herd of war elephants across the mountains in autumn was a phenomenal feat – even though he did lose a substantial portion of his men. In episode 4 of the series tonight (8:30pm, BBC4, UK only, … more >>

  • Anniversary: The Battle of Cannae

    August 2nd is the anniversary of the Battle of Cannae, Hannibal's greatest victory against ancient Rome. It's one of a handful of ancient battles that still gets frequently mentioned outside military history books. The clash took place on the wide coastal plain near the modern town of Barletta (known for its symetrical Swabian Castle and the Colossus of Barletta) on … more >>

  • Dweeb surfer types

    A very funny review from the Independent: The programme is on the BBC website here too: more >>

  • Blog of a blog

    This is a blog about a blog I wrote for the BBC TV blog blog:   Blog?   Just in case we hadn't told you already the first episode of the documentary airs in the UK tonight at 8:30pm on BBC4.   more >>

  • The Press Reaction...

      "Tour de Warrior"            The Sunday Times, 18th July    "The story's a cracker...Part-travelogue, part-history lesson"        Timeout, 15th July   "Well-informed and surprisingly … more >>

  • BBC Programme page is live

    The BBC have just published a page on their website about the documentary: The first episode is called Hitting the Road and you can view a clip (UK only) from it here:   more >>