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  • July 19th on BBC Four...Hannibal!

    The BBC has confirmed a broadcast date for the series and it's very soon! The six episodes of On Hannibal's Trail will transmit in the UK on BBC Four starting in less than two weeks time: Monday July 19th at 830pm! more >>

  • Jama Charity Fund

    We have started up a charity fund to help the village of Jama. This is possibly where Hannibal fought his last great battle against Scipio, known as the battle of Zama and it was where we ended our journey following Hannibal's Trail. We are aiming to raise 3000 US dollars which will be used to improve living conditions in the village, possibly either the school building or … more >>

  • Visiting the New Rome

    I was recently in Las Vegas where I called in on a modern reincarnation of Hannibal's old enemy.  As you probably know, Caesars Palace is one of those incredible hotel and casino complexes along the city's 'Strip', this particular one attempts to recreate the grandeur of ancient Rome with statues, temples, a forum and plenty of excess.  more >>

  • Bikes Instead of Elephants

    Here's an article in Spain's El Pais newspaper about the section of our cycle route between Ristolas in the French Alps and Piasco in nothern Italy.  This will test your Spanish!  An English translation appears below. ElPaisAnibal.pdf (377.24 kb) BikesInsteadofElephantsEnglishVersion.odt (29.83 kb) more >>

  • In Madrid Magazine Article

    Here's an article on our trip in the latest issue of Madrid's, English-language magazine "In Madrid":     more >>

  • Radio National Australia Interview

    Travel Tales: Retracing the steps of an ancient military leader. This is an interview Ben and Danny did for ABC radio in Australia. more >>

  • End of an Epic

    The morning of our second day of riding in Tunisia was spent at a spectacular ancient Roman ruin: Dougga.    There seemed to be no-one there except us and an army of caretakers restoring old walls.  Dougga is on top of a hill and as you enter the site you hit the very well preserved Roman theatre.  But there are a lot of good Carthaginian related … more >>

  • El Presidente, sheep and the universal necessity of causation

    And so to the last stage of our trip. Tunisia – a land dominated by President Ben Ali who was fresh from winning a recent election with 90% of the vote. His picture features in every cafe and car and on every street corner. We arrived at the ferry terminal in Tunis under his gaze and got a little worried when Sam was taken away by a dozen Police to get a visa (Sam is the … more >>

  • BBC History Magazine - Zama

    Our final instalment for the BBC History Magazine is here: Sunset over the modern village of Jama believed to be near where the battle of Zama took place (thanks Andrea Illescas for the photo) more >>