For greater clarity, we offer you maps showing the area where this series was filmed. The maps are prepared by and will help you better navigate the episodes.

Episode 1 cycling route:

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Episode 1 route with photos:

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Episode 2 cycling route - Sagunto to Amposta, Spain:
Sagunto to Amposta

Episode 2 and 3 cycling route - Amposta to Avignon, France:
Amposta to Avignon
Episode 2 route with photos

Episode 3 route - Avignon to Grenoble, France:
Avignon to Grenoble
Episode 3 route with photos

Episode 4 routes across the Alps. Ben and Sam's routes are slightly wrong - we actually all stayed together until Ben went north at the Col du Lautaret and Sam went south east at Briançon.
Danny's route across the Alps
Ben's route across the Alps
Sam's route across the Alps
Episode 4 route with photos

Episode 5 route:
Episode 5 part 1 - Alps to Piacenza (with Rome to Capua for some strange reason!)
Episode 5 part 2 - Piacenza to Lake Trasimene
We are missing our map from Lake Trasimene to Rome but we will post it once we find it.
Episode 5 part 3 - Capua to Cannae
Episode 5 route with photos

Episode 6 route:
We are missing our Tunisia and Cannae to Crotone maps I'm sorry. We will post them as soon as we find them.
Episode 6 part 1 - Taranto to Crotone
Episode 6 route with photos