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Should Hannibal have used bikes to cross the Alps?

It is sure that when they went down the mountains it would have been really faster.

But the risk level is higher than it appears :

Imagine you are riding your bike on the Lautaret (average incline: 7%).

It is cloudy with a little fog (remember you are in October/November).

You try to watch landscape (it has been weeks since you started travelling so you can clear your mind a bit) …


… and …


…then …

… you see a grey 7 tons monster riding a bike and coming on you at 50 mph.

So it is definitely NOT a good solution (even with carbon brakes).


What the hell am I doing in this mess? (Question from Hannibal himself in the end of October 218)

After 20 centuries most of the specialists agree to say he wanted to prove that all the ways lead to Rome.

Another theory is that he only wanted to visit his brother who lived in the village next to him and his wife was sure they had to turn left at the 2nd crossroad. This theory has been strangely rejected by the Women’s Movement.

Are the elephants able to ski?

After a survey made among a sample of the French developers between 24 and 40 years old working in Lyon at the 4th floor, here are the results:

Yes                  :           3

No                    :           6

Do not know      :           2

Really do not care and want to be left alone because have to work :         1

Although the negative answer seems to be the most popular answer, some video arguments can let us doubt of this: http://www.chauffeurdebuzz.com/elephant+qui+fait+du+ski+nautique-5021

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Danny, Ben and Sam Wood are three brothers who followed in the footsteps of three ancient Carthaginian brothers Hannibal, Hasdrubal and Mago. They cycled from Cartagena, Spain to Zama, Tunisia - the route that Hannibal and his army took over 2200 years ago. Along the way they filmed a documentary to be aired on the BBC in July 2010.


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