The Wood Brothers are:
   Sam, an archaeologist
   Ben, a software developer
   Danny, a journalist

We attempt to use an original, informative and engaging format for our television documentaries.

Wood Brothers are united by a common love of travelling, ancient history and not taking our careers too seriously. Our enthusiasm for ancient history was born when our parents took us on holidays as children and showed us the wonders of ancient Italy and Greece. If we could evoke in others just a portion of that mystery, wonder and pleasure - feelings we still experience today when we stumble across a good ruin – we would achieve our aim.

Recently Sam suggested we pedal in the footsteps of Hannibal Barca in his war against ancient Rome. The idea: to tell the story of that epic journey from Spain to Italy, over the Alps with elephants, whilst travelling it ourselves. Wood Brothers: On Hannibal’s Trail, was born...

Photos Pyrenees Cruise Berlin England Greece Malta
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  Rhodes Rome Turkey Lebanon
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About the authors

Danny, Ben and Sam Wood are three brothers who followed in the footsteps of three ancient Carthaginian brothers Hannibal, Hasdrubal and Mago. They cycled from Cartagena, Spain to Zama, Tunisia - the route that Hannibal and his army took over 2200 years ago. Along the way they filmed a documentary to be aired on the BBC in July 2010.


  • Nabonidus Archaeology
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