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  • The Bodyguard

    On a long trip like this interpersonal relationships become very important and are often the cause of the most interesting bits of the journey. I imagine it might make a pretty good documentary following a crew making a documentary? A bit like the new show we are thinking of pitching to the BBC: "Entertainment Tonight Entertainment Tonight" - as the presenters of Entertainment … more >>

  • The Way it is Baby

    When you cycle day after day the rhythm naturally brings music to your mind.  At the beginning of the trip I tended to hum fairly epic stuff as the wheels turned – tunes from the film The Dark Knight  for example: or some of those ponderous but very catchy Michael Nyman movie sound tracks, like, The … more >>

  • Cuirassnapper Heads

    Our journey with the film crew continued to Lake Trasimene, where as described in a previous blog, Hannibal won a major battle against the Romans..... For us it was much less dramatic - a dodgy highway hotel in Touro where we hung out our wet shoes and clothes soaked from our journey into the swamps and then a revisit to the 'Ciao Ciao' bar.  This time we were there to … more >>

  • Barcelona Metropolitan Article

    An article in the Barcelona Metropolitan about our journey: more >>

  • BBC History Magazine latest - Cannae

    Cannae, for warmongers, to this day the biggest loss of life in a single day of battle: more >>

  • The Guest Blog...

    When Will and I arrived in Florence a shattered, slim and sunburnt Sam and a 5k ride greeted us to our Hotel. This was fun at the time because by this time we had packed our trip full of beers already. Will was particularly excited because on the corner of every street stood prostitutes in their underwear.  The distractions almost forced him to crash on day one, he had … more >>

  • Gnochetti of the Superhero

    We were reunited once again with the film crew in Milan. Andrea is directing the final two episodes of the documentary - amongst her many attractive attributes she laughs at all our jokes - which is very rare as they aren't ever funny. Francesco the fixer is full of concerned advice for us. His best so far being in response to impersonal staccato questioning by a bloke in Rome … more >>

  • In the Navy

    We're back with the crew again at a campsite near Naples.  I've had one beer and a swig on a bottle of wine and dinner should be soon but there could be time to write about Tarento, a strange place but well worth a visit.  Tarento was one of many southern Italian cities where the people were split between supporting Rome or Carthage. Today the people there still seem … more >>

  • It's Good to be the King

    The Golden Age began on Thursday 22nd October.  That is to say, in accordance with our agreement that we should each take a go at having total control over what we do on a day, it was my turn. Hail Caesar!My inheritance was unexpected because I am not of an authoritarian disposition.  This may be because I am very happy with the Anglo-Australian democratic tradition, … more >>