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  • Is this a rice?

    We rode through rice paddies for nearly two days around Valencia and all I could think of is this excellent and inexplicably deleted scene from Borat:   Danny and Sam verses the combine harvester more >>

  • BBC History Magazine - Sagunto

    Our next instalment for the BBC History magazine is here: more >>

  • Rice Paddies, Deliverance and it Rained

    Nine days on the road and we all feel quite tired.  Dinner tonight was much less noisy than it was back at the beginning of our trip in Cartagena, but we all feel much more at ease together - silences are very comfortable. It is strange though when the the only time you get to yourself is in bed, on the loo or in the shower. I am writing from a campsite in the town of Elne … more >>

  • Saguntum and the end of Episode 1

    On the walls of Saguntum Saguntum was the final stop for Episode 1 and it was a fitting one. As we rode into the gates we were greeted by a screaming guard who Danny took a particular dislike too, which was fair enough. However it is a great castle and we filmed all around it - Danny interviewed the local expert who was very nervous but put in a good performance. Ben did an … more >>

  • Prostitutes, Elephants and Wolfgang

    Parc Municipal in Elche Sam was propositioned in the toilets at Los Llanos campsite just north of Denia a couple of nights ago. We spotted an elderly woman in the toilets and I turned away pretending I wasn’t looking in case she was in the middle of something but just as I did she raised her dress to show Sam her toilet area! Sam was quite shocked but still slept very … more >>

  • Palm Trees and Cycling Experts

    Alicante, Benidorm, Denia...legendary places for the northern European tourist and we cycled in or past all of them during a day that now seems like another holiday! Some exhausting riding on hot and pretty horrid highways a lot of the time, but then we rode a quiet minor road inland from Benidorm and everything changed.  We could see the skyscrapers disappearing in … more >>

  • BBC History Magazine

    Sorry it has taken ages to update our blog. Our computer broke - too many bumpy roads - and we have been filming and riding all day every day recently so we haven´t had a chance. But Danny wrote this for the BBC History Magazine blog: And Hasdrubal (Javier Roca) from the Cartagena Carthaginian and Roman Society … more >>

  • An authentic send off and a brutal first days cycling…..

    Our final night of comfort before getting on the bike for the next 10 weeks was spent with the Carthaginian society of Cartegena. We arrived at San Remo restaurant to a raucous greeting from around 40 Carthaginian warriors in full armour. They shouted and screamed for us as we entered the building (of course prompted by the camera!) They really didn’t have a clue who we … more >>

  • And so it begins...

    Jason our very nice fixer picked us up at Murcia airport yesterday in a mammoth luxury camper van. Its only defect was the roof reaching a harmonic at 120km/h that deafens everyone inside. Danny then proceeded to eat the biggest Buey (Ox) steak any of us had ever seen in preparation for our first day of filming down on the harbour at Cartagena.  Its a very Spanish town, … more >>

  • You Packed Me All Night Long

    Thanks to Ben and Sam the packing was relatively easy, but lasted until about 3am in the morning.  Packing up a touring bike to take onto a plane, as you may know or can guess, is quite an ordeal with mudguards, pannier racks, wheels, handlebars, peddles etc all to be taken off and boxed.  This has been the sobre reality of most of the last two days - a … more >>