Wood Brothers Expeditions Blog

  • Nightrider (lone crusaders in a dangerous world)

    We are in Italy having survived the Alps... just. It was physically some of the hardest days I ever have ever known especially crossing the Col de la Travasette with my elephant-like bike (heavily loaded with its four panniers!) - I will defintely tell that story in a blog or two when I have mentally recovered. But for now I will go back to Vaison La Romaine and our journey … more >>

  • Les Rambeaux - Wood Brothers HQ - 220-56 Lone Wolf receive

    We have found the perfect town for wood Brothers headquarters - its called Les Rambeaux:,+france&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=31.839416,79.013672&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Les+Rambeaux,+38740+Le+P%C3%A9rier,+Is%C3%A8re,+Rh%C3%B4ne-Alpes,+France&t=h&z=16The only problem … more >>

  • The Way to Pain

    Sam is sleeping next to me, hands still clasped next to the book he was reading, as we relax in a hotel in Briancon on our rest day. We are in the Alps for real now and as I write brother Ben is making his way across the Col du Clapier with our film crew. It will be interesting to see how he goes! Tomorrow it will be my turn to do Mont Genevre and then Sam will follow up with … more >>

  • BBC History Magazine - Crossing the Rhone

    Our next instalment for the BBC History Magazine is here: Have a look if you feel like a more historical read! more >>

  • 3 in a breast GV

    We are becoming film production experts (although obviously I was already an expert - as you know I am an expert on everything) and become familiar with all the acronyms; PTC (piece to camera), POV (point of view), GV (general vision/golden virgin), MED (movement for the eradication of dwarves), we even did a reverse POV yesterday. But we also get lots of good directions from … more >>

  • Cutson, Big Brother and the end of Episode 2

    The relaxtion in Russan is coming to an end. Tomorrow we cycle on to confront the alps after 3 great days rest...After Danny's confessional blog in which he outlined his inexplicable anger I feel it necessary to respond to aid in understanding this as well as how 3 brothers work when living in each others pockets.We haven't lived all together for more than a week or two at a … more >>

  • Barca! Barca! Your Pig Is Ready...

    I think we are all in a sensitive mental state after the last two weeks. It seems indulgent to say that - after all, this is a paid holiday, but sometimes the extent to which constant physical tiredness has nearly driven me round the twist, has been a surprise. And I thought I was laid back! These reflections are possible now because the three of us are relaxing in the pretty … more >>

  • Pokemon-Panzerfaust Luscher Personality Colour Study

    I'm writing to you from a toilet in Pezenas - a lovely medieval town in the heart of the Languedoc in southern France. We have nicknamed Pezenas Peasant's Nest which is actually a petrol station halfway between Sydney and Young. It was here that they used to have a famous "yellow" public phone which if you pressed the follow on button and hung up at the same time it would give … more >>

  • How sweet it is to be reclined

    A long day’s ride started with a stop after 3 kms at a possible ancient monument to the two Scipios, who were killed by Hasdrubal, Hannibal's brother. After a lengthy argument between Sam and Danny over its origins, which could have been caused by the fact that the stop was for something other than coffee - all of course recorded on film for posterity, normal service … more >>

  • Report from Canal 10 in Catalonia

    Recently in Ampurias local TV came to interview us - here is the report (in Catalan!): more >>